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Why Scout?

Jungle Run goes the distance to field check and report on filming locations throughout Indonesia. Often this develops into close collaborations with overseas producers, opening doors to fresh and unexpected story matter.

Scouts are key to socialize film projects in remote locations, to seek out on-screen talent and behind-the-scenes support, and to tap local know-how on the best times and tactics for shooting. In Indonesia, there’s no substitute for face time when it comes to earning trust and rallying the masses.

Field time makes risk assessments real, and helps us mitigate physical hazards as well as the logistical and bureaucratic hurdles that can compromise a production.

Ground truthing nails down and reels in costs. The price of a tank of fuel ranges 500% across the archipelago. Going local, in good time, allows us to negotiate bargains, and to finalize a lean and mean budget. A good scout can pay for itself many times over.

18,000 islands, 700 languages, and heaps of biological hot spots – Indonesia is many countries in one. We’ve been here since 1993, and we’re still getting to know the place. As are the locals. Join us!

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