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Stage 6 - The Tour Comes To A Close

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Peter Wall | September 15 2012 | 1 comment

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(Photo: Zoe Morley)

Today was the final day of the epic 2012 Tour de Timor. At just 56km, today’s stage was a short one: up over the mountains outside of Gleno, down the other side to the sea, and then 18km along the coast to the finish line just outside of Dili.

The race at the front was close. On the first climb, Jarrod Hughes pulled away, and was first to cross the the King of the Mountain line, earning enough points to win the overall King of the Mountain competition. On the descent, he was passed by Peter Kutschera. Peter began the day 3:38 seconds behind the overall leader, Malaysian Sharin Amir, and so needed to finish at least that far ahead to win. When he reached the coastal road Jarrod Hughes caught up with him and the two worked together for the final run into the finish. At the 18km mark, they were 3:00 ahead of overall race leader Sharin Amir. Working together with two Aussies, Sharin hammered away down the coast. Jarrod Hughes won the stage, with Peter Kutschera second. Finishing just under 3:00 behind them was Sharin Amir, meaning he is the 2012 Tour de Timor overall winner. The first time a non-Australian rider has won. Congratulations Sharin!

In the women’s category, Peta Mullins from Australian easily closed out the competition, winning by 1 hour and 30 minutes. As she approached the finish line, she clicked out of her bike pedals, lifted her bike above her ahead, and crossed the line to the cheers of the crowd. A decisive and well-earned victory.

This race is unique in that it also awards prizes to the fastest Timorese man and woman. In that category Antonio Almeida Pereira won for the men, and Anche Cabral for the women. For Anche, it was the fourth time she has been the fastest Timorese female.

While congratulations are clearly deserved for all the winners of the race, anyone who finished the Tour deserves a great deal of admiration. This year the Tour was over 555 km long. That’s a lot of time to spend on a bike. For six days the riders who participated this year hammered away, working hard over monster-sized hills, swiftly avoiding potholes and other potential pitfalls, and doing it all with a smile on their face. While there were a few tumbles, and some hard times in the hills, everyone I have spoken with felt challenged, supported, and today, relieved. It’s a great event, both for recreational and competitive cyclists. A chance to make friends, see a beautiful and undiscovered country, and get into great shape. One rider a spoke with even lost 8 kilos over the course of the six days!

The Jungle Run team had a solid day today, both on the back of the motorbikes and capturing the final moments of the event. It was especially great to shoot the scene after riders finished Рkids running up to their mom and dad riders, friends giving each other high fives, and strangers cheering for the 300+ riders as they came in over the line. A young couple I spoke with also had a great story… shortly after they came over the finish line, he asked her to marry him. After 555 km on the road with her, I guess he decided she was tough enough for marriage. She said yes. So sweet.

And that’s the news from here. This will be the final blog of the 2012 Tour de Timor. Thanks for reading.

Peter Wall

Insert image description here(Photo: Zoe Morley)

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(Photo: Rose Magno)

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