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Stage 5 - What a day!

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Peter Wall | September 14 2012 | 1 comment

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(Photo: Kate Paneros)

Today’s stage – 119 km through some massive mountains – is what everyone has been dreading since the Tour began. At breakfast this morning there was a definite sense of foreboding. The race leaders said this stage would be the most important of the entire race, and the recreational riders were just hoping to beat the Sag Wagon and finish.

Well, the good news is everyone survived. Many found the stage not as difficult as they imagined it would be. Still, it was a major challenge, and anyone who finished is, in my view, a hero!

For the race leaders, the stage was a dramatic one. 15km into the race, on the first King of the Mountain climb, Jarrod Moroni and Adam Cobain went off the front of the leaders pack and took a solid lead. They were first over the top, and kept their lead across the plateau to the start of the next climb. But Sharin Amir, Ashely Hayat and Phillip Orr gave chase and started to gain, and though Jarrod and Adam were first over the second King of the Mountain line, four hours into the race they were soon caught by the threesome. On the descent Sharin, Ashley and Phillip stayed together, and they let Ashely cross the line first for the win.

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(Photo: Kate Paneros)

Six hours after the race leaders came in, and eleven hours after he started the ride, Andrzej Szefler finished. He was the last rider in, and was relived to have finished before the Sag Wagon. Actually it was a much, much quieter day for the Sag Wagon than expected. They were prepared for 150 riders, but only 45 were picked up on the course. A heroic effort by many to beat them across the line.

As for the Jungle Run team… well, we suffered our first casualty of the 2012 Tour. Luckily, it wasn’t a person. Halfway through the race, the handle on Patrick Lavaud’s EX3 cracked and broke. He was able to trade cameras with someone else, but it means we are now down one camera (and also means we are hoping insurance will cover the camera). Here’s a shot of the EX3:
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And that’s the news from here. We’re camped in the town of Gleno tonight, somewhere around 600 metres above sea level, so it’s a bit chilly today. A nice change from the heat of the Timorese coast.

Tomorrow is that last day of the 2012 Tour. We’re all sad it’s coming to an end, but it should be a good final stage racing into Dili. Stay tuned!

(Photo: Kate Paneros)

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  • Sue and Vasu says:

    Thank you for your updates. Our son is participating in the race for the first time. Your daily updates were very informative . We were also anxious about stage 5. Thank you for your effort and prompt write up. Will look forward to your write up on todays event.
    With best wishes,
    Sue and Vasu

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