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The Crew Converges on Dili

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Peter Wall | September 7 2012 | no comments

Timor Lodge

Hey everyone. This is freelance camera/producer Peter Wall writing for the Jungle Run blog.

We’ve just arrived in Dili, East Timor and are getting set to shoot the 2012 Tour de Timor, South East Asia’s largest mountain bike race. The Tour is a 6-day 555-km route that snakes along the Timorese coast and up into the mountainous countryside. This year over 300 riders are taking part. What’s really special about the Tour this year is for the first time it will cross the border into neighbouring Indonesia. A short history lesson will tell you this is a very big deal.

All this will be filmed by the intrepid team from Jungle Run. This is the third year Jungle Run has broadcast the Tour, and the team this time around is… well, huge! We are 19 in all – including 9 cameras, a sound man, editors and production support. Tomorrow, Jungle Run founder Joe Yaggi will head out for a pre-race recce, while other members of the team will shoot the “Ride for Peace” a friendly community bike ride in Dili. 700 local kids will ride alongside some of the riders from this year’s Tour.

Riders, volunteers, and media have been gathering all day – and will continue to gather all weekend – at the Timor Lodge, Dili’s most unique hotel. The lodge has over 100 rooms, mostly in shipping containers, each with their own small AC unit. The riders are unpacking their bikes, the mechanics are tuning everyone up, and volunteers are buzzing around making sure everyone is ready for when the race starts on Monday.

That’s the news from here!

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