Tour de Timor 2012

Peter Wall | September 8 2012 | no comments
Tour de Timor 2012

Today is day two for the Jungle Run team in Dili, East Timor.

Tour de Timor 2012 - Ride for PeaceBright and early this morning was the Ride for Peace, a community event where local kids, families, ex-pats, and racers in the Tour took a leisurely ride through downtown Dili. There was a great turnout, and race sponsor Timor Telecom gave out bright blue shirts to many of the locals. An incredible variety of bikes and riders wound their way along the route. There were rumours that one kid, who looked to be about 10, did a wheelie for a hundred metres! At the ride’s finish, various agencies and stakeholders held events for the locals and riders. One group of kids even got a ride in an armoured UN personnel carrier.

Tour de Timor 2012 - Ride for PeaceMeanwhile, Jungle Run founder Joe Yaggi was off at 7am this morning for a massive 12 hour recce. He checked out the Tour route for Days 1, 5 and 6 – which meant travelling over 260kms in a 4 x 4, bumping over rough roads. His verdict: “It’s a wicked course! It’s going to be wild man…”

Tour de Timor 2012 - Ride for PeaceBack at Timor Lodge, the Jungle Team continues to prepare for the start of the Tour on Monday.

Patrick Lavaud, freelancer and longtime Jungle Run cinematographer, and Wil Hemmerle, in charge of sound recording this year, prepared the 9 cameras and various audio equipment. This year the race will be shot on five Sony EX3’s, one EX1, and three Sony HDV cameras. There’s also a few DSLRs and GO PROs thrown into the mix. All in all, some very expensive equipment will be making sure no wipe-out, gorgeous view, or finish line goes unrecorded.

Tour de Timor 2012 - Jungle Run camera armada

Tour de Timor 2012 - Jungle Run Editors, on the run!Working alongside the camera and audio guys are the editors – Adi, Khalil, and Amin. They’ll be setting up and breaking down their computers, card readers and drives at each campsite. Each night they’ll edit and upload 3-5 minutes of the day’s Tour highlights. Look for these on the Tour de Timor website – all the footage is available for no charge.

Tomorrow is the last day before the ride starts – the blog will do short profiles of Rashid Salleh, this year’s Tour Media liaison, and Shinta Okta, production manager for Jungle Run, as well as document final preparations for the start of the Tour! Stay tuned…

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