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Joe Yaggi | February 22 2012 | 2 comments


PT Media Nusantara Film is a dynamic production company based on Bali specializing in broadcast and educational television. Having recently launched a Nation-Wide TV Network we’re seeking a TV Station & Traffic Manager to join our team. This position is full-time, open to bilingual WNI candidates and Bali-based with travel required.

Qualifications & Related Experience

The ideal candidate will:

  • have excellent communications skills
  • be highly organized, and able to think “out of the box”
  • be bilingual – written and verbal
  • have excellent computer & social media skills
  • have a passion for building positive change in Indonesia
  • professional experience in television and university education preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • maintain and updated demographic profiles for 52 local TV stations
  • review on-air advertisements, compile log proofs and prepare client reports
  • collect program feedback from stations
  • coordinate with post-production team

Job Details

  • position is full-time and open to bi-lingual Indonesian (WNI) candidates
  • position is bali based with travel required

Please send resumes (no phone calls) to
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


  • Yusak Risal says:

    Yusak Risal
    Call: Yusak
    Magelang, December 2, 1989
    Perum Depkes Block D-7/20 Magelang
    Mobile: 0857-430-440-77

    Production Internship Experience and Internships:
    1. Metro division SNG

    1. Tallent, Indie Film “Have No Heart” Productions
    2. Artistic and Property “Black White Black” Have No Heart Productions
    3. Cameraman “MMTC NEWS”, MMTC Channel
    4. Switcher “Garage Music”, MMTC Channel
    5. Lightingman “Binocular Jogja”, MMTC Channel
    6. Switcher “Find The Way”, Louncing MMTC R-Tv Channel
    7. Production Cameraman Illustrated Children’s Story, “Midnight Costum Party”, Matekstosi 07
    8. Lightingman, Production “News Reporting”, Matekstosi with Manarita 07
    9. Audio Mixer Operator “Radio News Reporting” Matekstosi with Manarita 07
    10. Artistic Indie Film “Lost Sudirman Strategy”, the Union Video
    11. Cameraman Feature “Afternoon Streets”, Matekstosi 07
    12. Lighting Indie Film “08:15”, Opaque Paper Production
    13. Cameraman Documentation “Rally miss” Opaque Paper Production
    14. Lighting Video Clip “DEAD WOOD”, Pagarumput Production
    15. Technical Director “News Bulletin”, Joglo TV
    16. Technical Support TV Transmission “Milky Way”, (simulated broadcast TV MMTC 2010)
    17. Cameraman News “On The Spot”, the Milky Way Tv (simulated broadcast TV MMTC 2010)
    18. Technical Support TV Transmission “OASIS TV”, (simulated broadcast TV MMTC 2011)
    19. Installasition Docking Audio Video “ASEM Forum on Strengthening Coorporasition in ICT Reaserch & Development”, ASEAN EUROPE MEETING
    20. Cameraman “ASEM Forum on Strengthening Coorporasition in ICT Reaserch & Development”, ASEAN EUROPE MEETING
    21. Audioman Radio “Live Music”, Matekstosi and Manaprodsi 07
    22. Cameraman Feature “Saparan Bekakak”
    23. Cameraman Performances “Ketoprak”, TBY
    24. Cameraman & Installation Docking Video Performances “Danceology”, TBY
    25. Lighting Indie film “In The Name of Heaven ‘, Insomnia Pictures
    26. Cameraman Tv Talk Show “Lunch Break”, Manarita Matekstosi 7
    27. Audioman Draman TV “Surti”, Manaprodsi Matekstosi 7
    28. Cameraman Variety Show “The image”, Manaprodsi Matekstosi 7
    29. TS Indie film “When adzan” States Video
    30. News Cameraman Waisyak 2010
    31. Cameraman Feature “KULTURNESIA”
    32. Installasition of GoPro camera feature “Down Hill”
    33. Cameraman feature “EYE EYE LENS CAMERA”
    34. Cortell Widescreen Movies “SOEGIJA”
    35. Cameraman comedy “TRI MAS katrok”
    36. Cameraman Feature “SURVIVAL”
    37. Head of Transmisition Radio DELTA CHANNEL
    38. Head of Transmisition DELTA TV CHANNEL
    39. Video Enginnering DELTA TV CHANNEL
    40. Cameraman Feature “BEAUTY NERAKAN Ijen”
    41. Cameraman and DOP documentary “BEAT OF COLORS”
    Expertise 1. Operate studio cameras (standard broadcast camera)
    2. Operate professional cameras such as the Sony EX-3
    3. Operating the camera Z7, Z1, PD 177, PD 170, AGDVX, VX 2100, MD 1000, MD 9000
    4. Operate your photos and videos using DSLR 5D, 7D, 60D, 550D, 600D, 500D
    Personality 1. Think open
    2. Communicative
    3. Ability to work in team and individual
    4. Adaptable
    Award 1. Certificate from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) of The Republic of Indonesia and Asia – Europe Meeting as a participant, Bandung, Indonesia at 20 – July 21, 2010
    2. Speakers Audio Video Short Course at the Faculty of Agriculture UGM.
    Education 1. SD Kalinegoro 3 (1996-1998)
    2. SD Magelang 6 (1998-2002)
    3. SMP 2 Magelang Negri (2002-2005)
    4. SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Magelang (2005-2008)
    5. Is pursuing education in STMM “MMTC” Yogyakarta
    Interested in photography, videography and traveling
    Experience Organization 1. Discipline Coordinator Posma Yogyakarta MMTC 2009
    2. Members Tata Terib POSMA 2009
    3. Sports BEM MMTC (2009-2011)
    4. Chairman of the SME-Basket Ball 2010
    5. Members of DSLR cinematography reg-Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Beverley (Lily) Campbell says:

    Would love to be a working contributor. My experience and aspirations are more spiritual and expressed through cartoons and childrens short stories. I am currently working as co-editor for a spiritual counsellor in Sanur, editing her autobiography. I have lived in Bali for 23 years and can speak passable Indonesian and a little Balinese. I would be so interested in a 3-day a week editing position as I am a word freak and Anne Sinclair calls me “dictionary”.

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