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Joe Yaggi

Creative Supervisor, Director, Cameraman

Toughest Job: Pulling Jungle Run through Indonesia’s economic crash and the Bali bombs after that. As difficult as that was, I think it made us stronger.

Favorite Job: Full-on expeditions! Crossing Borneo by kayak in ’98, and trekking into the Papuan highlands with BBC Earth for South Pacific in ’08. And films with impact. A “Voice of the People” series I produced in East Timor in 2002, and teaching documentary to rape and violence counselors there. Those experiences left indelible marks on me.

Dream Job: There’s such a cool range of projects we work on that it’s sometimes hard to imagine anything better! I’d like next to produce a series and a feature film, and I have ideas for both!

Joe’s cv and filmography

Kadek Nuastini

Head of Finance

Toughest Job: Transferring Rp750.000.000 via four banks to three field crews and a helicopter contractor in one morning. Payment from our overseas client arrived late, and the whole production hinged on walking cash from bank to bank, and pushing it through.

Favorite Job: When the client is satisfied. And watching Jungle Run grow and open more work opportunities here in Ubud.

Dream Job: When the client pays on time, so that no one needs to panic!

Gusti Ketut Oka

Sound Recordist, Cameraman, Equipment and Building Manager

Toughest Job: Shooting the release of 43 leaf monkeys into remote eastern Java. The monkeys got to travel by tyrolean traverse. I had to climb up and down steep gorges, and up into the trees, while shooting.

Favorite Job: Over 15 years with Jungle Run, I’ve experienced more than most people I’ve met with higher degrees. Shooting, working sound, fixing cameras and toilets, too. I’ve worked on every major island, save for Lombok.

Dream Job: Lombok! And anything that keeps me learning.

Nyoman Sila

Librarian, Assistant Editor

Toughest Job: Any rush job!

Favorite Job: The ones where I can make everyone happy.

Dream Job: In my 12 years with Jungle Run, I’ve seen the business grow a lot. Now we have a lot of employees and interns. I hope we can all speak clearly, from the bottom to the top, and keep growing.

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Putu Kusuma Wijaya

Editor, Writer

Toughest Job: Making the bird flu film. For two weeks we were surrounded by all kinds of chickens and we had to wear masks to prevent the most dangerous virus coming into our body through our weak noses. Thank God, we could fly home safely.

Favorite Job: To turn three hours of footage on the Komoro people into a 20-minute film, with only two revisions!

Dream Job: To shoot the beauty of Indonesia so it will become the memorable work of Jungle Run.

Patrick Lavaud

Director, Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator, Stage Coordinator, Editor, FX Magician, Frenchman

Toughest Job: oordinating 7 cameras on Tour de Timor. Tracking 350 riders over destroyed roads, through heat and rain, racing media to the editing team—sometimes on foot!

Favorite Job: Whatever the JRP project, it is always a great human journey. The entire team is always keen on their duty and it’s naturally that I always want give the best of myself during the shoot. And I really appreciate the opportunity JRP gives me to bring some new ideas in the creativity of the project—or to tell me I’m too French.

Dream Job: As I’m turning back to feature film, and embarking on 3D, I have no doubt that JRP can bring some important assets for this work. And I can’t wait to know what will be the next amazing projects that JRP will call me for…

Patrick’s resumé on IMDB

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