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2016 – It’s a Wrap!

In Sumatra, a presenter joined a shaman in a rare initiation rite. In Sulawesi, a drone shadowed Torajans exhuming their dead. In Papua, a world-renowned talent plumbed a virgin gorge. And in Maluku, filmmakers scored shocking footage for an expose that will be the talk of the town next year, but that no one can talk about just yet.

Such is the challenge of a year-end roundup in television production. While we’d love to take you behind the scenes of the 16 productions we supported in 2016, we can’t just yet.

We can, however, celebrate broadcast of a host of productions we supported in recent years. A few highlights:

Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown

KEO Films for Discovery Channel

Earth’s Natural Wonders

BBC Earth for BBC One and PBS


Off the Fence for National Geographic Channel

Terror in the Skies: Air Asia and Beyond

ITN for Discovery Channel International

View clips and review JRP involvement over at our Production Support page.

In other news, we rose to the challenge, helping clients meet new drone regulations in Indonesia. While location access remains relatively open, a new law requires certified Indonesian pilots.

To keep our clients in aerial imagery, we now have an in-house team deploying two 4K drones – the DJI Inspire Pro and the DJI Phantom 4 – working independently as well as closely with directors in the field. Helicopters and drones for RED Epic and Alexis are also available.

Back on the ground, we added a Sony FS7 Mark II and a Sony A7S Mark II to our quiver. Both are available to rent, with or without crew.

Indonesia remains a rewarding and fascinating place to make television. Over 250 million people, more than 300 distinct cultures, stunning beaches and jungle, flora and fauna off the charts… It’s hidden stories at every turn, and we’re here to help you find them.

For 24 years it’s been our honor to cultivate unprecedented access across the world’s greatest archipelago. Join us as we round out our first quarter century!

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